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Your dream is just around the corner.


Are you WOKE? Or are you dreaming of:

  • Home ownership

  • Starting a business

  • Investing in real estate

  • Having a solid financial foundation

  • Leaving a legacy for your children


If you’re stressed out about how to make your personal and business financial dreams come true, its time to get WOKE with Wealth of Knowledge Enterprises. We are here to provide a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your goals and get your finances in order.


At Wealth of Knowledge Enterprises, our approach is to provide our clients with straightforward, proven advice, and information based on your current needs and future goals. Our services will fully support your goals for success.


WOKE aims to educate, motivate, and inspire individuals and small businesses to take control of their lives… by providing services and instilling knowledge in the areas of tax, finance and real estate.


We are your one stop shop to service your personal and business needs.

Don't go another day dreaming... Get WOKE

After 10+ years of working for a top Fortune 500 company managing multimillion-dollar financial portfolios, I decided to pursue my passion and purpose in life. I’ve combined my experience, education, and passion for tax, finance, and real estate to create Wealth of Knowledge Enterprises, also known as WOKE.


My goal in both my personal and professional life is to help and touch as many people as I can. Do you want to purchase that new home? Contemplating starting that new business? Ready to take control of your finances? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I’m ready to assist you and guide you along your journey. WOKE is here to help.


Let’s eliminate the excuses and open our eyes to start building a financially sound future.


It's time to get WOKE!


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